Overview of Funny or Die piece in a 48 Hour Turnaround.

Last week in the news, they did a piece about presidential hopeful Ben Carson, and his home. The highlight of the article was a painting of Carson and Jesus, which made the rounds in social media. The team at Funny or Die contacted me to do a parody painting depicting Carson preforming brain surgery on Jesus. They wanted to have it posted in 48 hours while the article was hot. 

The sketches I submitted in the afternoon were composites of ideas I had with an influence of Mad Magazine and those Jesus drawings that depicted someone doing something mischievous with Jesus as part of their body ( like the person is shooting heroin but it’s Jesus’s arm attached to the person, etc)

After further direction, FOD wanted the same style as the original painting right down to the Worf Jesus. After an all nighter I submitted the piece the following day.

The finished illustration came out to be a success and they had it printed and framed for their office.