Only 4 commissions left!

For the past couple weeks Sktchy has set up a page for me and few artists to take on a limited amount of commissions 

Its been fun making something for people that want to own an original piece of art commissioned by their favorite artist! I'm having a blast getting requests, and I'm left with 4 spots offered.

It's first come, and first served.

Thanks for everyone's support!

Been A While...

Hi Everybody!

After a month long hiatus, I decided to reinstate my website. I originally thought to kill it, as I didn't feel it was any use.


I use a few different social media outlets that I post my art on, and I felt there is no point in maintaining a website. After a few talks with other artists and friends, I decide I should have one hub for all my stuff.

I did miss having a place to throw down  'works in progress' and all my art stuff in one site, even though, maybe a handful of people see it.  I'm content with having this place as my own and appreciate all eyes that come here. 

Thanks again to everyone that likes my work, and hangs these pieces on your walls for inspiration.  

'Nuff talking, more art! 



America First

Thought of the week regarding the immigration ban. Original idea was the "America First" but with a line of immigrants. But had fun with it by crossing it out and making it a "Me First" as how the president is portrayed in the news.


Divider & Conqueror


General vibe this week with all these executive orders. Shark week version was something I thought about: the US being in turmoil and the President is watching Disney cartoons this weekend.